What is the Blue Bay shepherd breed? Know that there is a new rare breed in town.

Blue Bay Shepherd
what is blue bay shepherd breed

Have you ever heard of the Blue Bay Shepherd? If not, you’re not alone. I was with you before researching this new breed and found something worthy to share. This good-looking breed is a hidden gem in the world of canine companions.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the Blue Bay Shepherd, a rare breed for dog lovers. I will also share accurate, 100% actual sources where you can purchase this breed. Don’t fall for scammers.

“I am sure before the end of this blog post, you will be the victim of love with a new breed.”

What is the Blue Bay shepherd breed?

They are created through a breeding process that involves intentionally pairing bred wolf dogs with old-style blue German Shepherds. The goal is to gain the appearance of a wolf with the trainability of a German Shepherd.

Breeders carefully select and mate wolf-dogs, hybrids of wolves, and domestic dogs, with blue German Shepherds exhibiting the desired traits. The process involves a thoughtful combination of genetics to achieve the distinctive look of a wolf while maintaining the trainable and loving nature characteristic of German Shepherds.

The intentional pairing and selective breeding contributed to the birth of Blue Bay Shepherds, resulting in a unique and visually stunning canine companion with a friendly disposition.

The History of the Blue Bay Shepherd breed

The Blue Bay Shepherd doesn’t have an ancient history.

It starts with the story of a dog breeder named Vicki Spencer, who resides in Palm Bay, Florida. Vicki Spencer had a clear vision for a breed that would look like Lupine’s appearance and have loyalty, trainability, and affection like a German shepherd.

Her desirable traits included a lupine-like (wolf-like) look, a willing and loyal nature, trainability, an affectionate and gentle temperament, a deep blue color, and robust health. Conversely, she aimed to avoid characteristics such as the steeply sloped back of modern German Shepherds, aggression, shyness, dark eyes, and large ears.

Vicki initially bred her wolf dogs to establish the Blue Bay Shepherd, reaching the F5 generation, five steps away from their wolf ancestors. The DNA of her dogs includes a mix of eight different breeds, with Malamute and Husky confirmed through DNA testing.

The next step was to acquire old-style German Shepherds, ones without sloping backs and over-angulated hind legs, in the blue color she desired. Vicki found suitable dogs from a breeder in France, importing Passion and Jordan. Breeding them with her wolf dogs led to the first official litter of Blue Bay Shepherds, born in March 2011.

The name “Blue Bay Shepherd” reflects the breed’s origin—blue German Shepherds from Palm Bay, Florida. Vicki’s dedication and careful breeding have resulted in a unique and rare breed.

Blue Bay Shepherds are entirely legal to own in the United States. Contrary to any misconceptions, they are not restricted or prohibited. They are an emerging American breed currently in the early stages of development. Though recently introduced, this breed holds a unique charm reminiscent of the German Shepherds of bygone days. So, there are no legal restrictions on owning Blue Bay Shepherds in the United States, and they are recognized as a legitimate and legal canine companion.

Are Blue Bay Shepherds good family dogs?

Yes, Blue Bay Shepherds are known to be good family dogs. Despite their striking appearance, these dogs are recognized for their friendly, loyal, and gentle nature. Their intelligence and trainability make them well-suited for family environments. Blue Bay Shepherds often form strong bonds with their human family members and can be protective without being overly aggressive. As with any dog breed, early socialization, consistent training, and proper care contribute to a well-behaved and affectionate Blue Bay Shepherd, making them a potential excellent addition to a family setting.

How big is a blue-bay Shepherd?

The size of a Blue Bay Shepherd is imposing, and I’ve found that it often takes people by surprise. I was struck by its size and majestic presence when I saw it. Standing at the shoulder, males typically range from 26 to 30 inches, while females usually measure slightly smaller.

You can watch here.

How long do they live?

On average, Blue Bay Shepherds have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years. Like any other breed, genetics, diet, exercise, and healthcare significantly determine their longevity.

Providing regular veterinary check-ups, a balanced diet, and ample exercise can contribute to ensuring a healthy and happy life for your Blue Bay Shepherd. Also, proper attention to their specific care needs, including grooming and mental stimulation, can positively impact their well-being and extend their lifespan.

How much do they cost?

A Blue Bay Shepherd puppy typically costs between $2,000 and $3,500. This price reflects the extensive, decades-long effort to create and refine this unique breed. The development process’s complexities, which include the careful care and housing of foundational stock (including wolf dogs), contribute to the overall expense.

Investing in breeding these remarkable canines prioritizes their well-being, health, and the meticulous maintenance of breed standards. Although the initial cost may seem noteworthy, it underscores the commitment and dedication invested in crafting the Blue Bay Shepherd. This ensures those welcoming these remarkable pups into their homes get a companion with a rich history and a promising future.

How do you get this rare breed?

If you’re looking for a genuine Blue Bay Shepherd, Southern Breeze Ranch in Palm Bay, Florida, is the go-to place. However, due to the limited availability and the ongoing development of the breed, there’s usually a waiting list of one to two years for these adorable pups. While they come with a specific price tag, it’s worth noting that the cost is relatively reasonable, considering the exclusivity of the breeder.

My opinion at the end

Are you interested in having a stunning blue-wolf German Shepherd-type dog join your family? Let us introduce you to the captivating Blue Bay Shepherd—a fantastic choice for you.

Even more exciting is that having one means you’re helping create a brand-new breed! Vicki, the breeder, stays in touch with all pup owners, ensuring a consistent breed standard and ongoing improvements in each generation.

Becoming the happy owner of a Blue Bay Shepherd isn’t just about getting a new dog; it’s a thrilling adventure. You’ll be part of something special and receive abundant love and loyalty beyond your expectations! Joining this journey means more than just bringing a pet into your home; it’s about embracing a faithful companion and being part of the development of an extraordinary breed.

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